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Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

            Okay, I‘ll come clean…I might have tricked you just a tad bit to get you here, but my intentions were good.  So by now I guess you’ve figured it out; this post has nothing to do with my top 10 beers or beverages. What this post does have to deal with is the reality that “things aren’t always what they seem.”  Now, I hope you will stick around and read the rest of it, because what I want to tell you is essential to understanding some of life’s toughest struggles. There are a lot of times in our lives where we let our mind deceive us.  In other words, we see things that are not always what we think.  Just because we believe something to be true doesn’t necessarily mean it is actually fact.  I promise you…God is working in your life and He wants you to accept Him fully; not partially or half heartedly.  He wants all of you and He wants you to accept all of Him!!!!

Have you ever wondered why you are where you are in your life? Are you struggling with an addiction?  Are you fighting depression or trying to overcome an illness? Maybe, you are trying to figure out why you just lost someone you loved dearly.  Let’s face it, there are numerous times in our lives where we wonder why I have to deal with difficult situations. What we fail to realize, sometimes, is that God is not only willing He will coordinate events that move people to bring HIS plan to pass. You see…sometimes we need to be reminded that we must get out of God’s way and let God be God!!!  As Christians, we can’t underestimate God.  We can’t strap Him down or put Him in a box. We have to have faith that God’s plan is far better than our own. We also have to be willing to accept God’s plan even when it’s not exactly what we think is best.

Okay, I’ll stop beating around the bush here. If we received what we truly deserved…I’ll just say it’s probably pretty hot where we should end up. But God’s love for us superseded our failures and sins. His love is what binds us all together with hope. It’s that hope that allows us to have enough faith in God to trust Him and let Him lead the way in our lives. I’m reminded of the story from Luke 24 where satan. (Yes I purposely didn’t capitalize satan’s name because I refuse to give him any credit or honor) In this story satan thought he had Jesus conquered.  He thought he had succeeded and that his plan was going to work.  He believed God’s Messiah had failed….but then again “things aren’t always what they seem”. I want you to read this and believe God has a plan for your life. God is willing to move Heaven and earth for you if you are willing to accept Him with all your heart and soul. Now that doesn’t mean He will move Heaven and earth if it doesn’t fit His ultimate plan. Sometimes things have to happen because God needs them to happen. Sometimes it’s hitting the lowest or saddest point in our lives when we truly look to God for direction.

I want you to have confidence today that you should never give up on your prayers and dreams. Dream big!!!! Stop and listen to what God is telling you. We should never forget that God is alive and still in the miracle business….most often working behind the scenes to better our lives. God is faithful and true to His Word and promises. Fact!!! Just because we don’t see God moving or doing something doesn’t mean He isn’t involved. Never doubt God….He is always working and always wanting what’s best for us. You might ask yourself, “What if it takes awhile to see the answer to my prayers or the reality of my dreams come true? The point here is, don’t give up…never give up because things aren’t always what they seem. If you give up, you’ll never see those dreams come true or those prayers answered.  We see in Genesis chapters 37-46 that it took Joseph 22 years to see his dream come true…but we all know it was well worth the wait. It took Abraham 25 years to see the fulfillment of his dreams (Genesis 12). We must stay focused and remember that giving up is not the answer. We must keep on praying, keep on serving the Lord and KEEP ON DREAMING!!! Your dream or answered prayer could be just around the corner.


Hebrews 11:6….

And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.

Be blessed and always be a blessing!

Pastor Mike