First, let me say it feels great to be sitting down at the computer writing again. As many of you know, I had stepped away from writing for quite some time. I guess it was because I started feeling a little down about how many people I was actually reaching and whether or not I was making a difference.  Well…let me tell you, God set me straight today after I decided to log onto my blog just to revisit some of my old posts.

            You might ask what prompted me to dive back in and say to myself, “Mike you ARE making a difference and to some it’s a huge difference in their walk with Christ.”  I received a revelation today!!  I logged onto my blog for the first time in months and found a new comment on one of my post that was written several months back.  Now…this comment was as eye opening as anything that I could imagine.  It really made me see exactly what God was trying to show me.  I’ll paraphrase what the reader’s comment said before I get to point of this post.  She basically said that she was ministering to her church the next day and she wanted to know what it really meant to “want God more.”  You see, when she Googled that phrase (Wanting God More) a post I had written popped up.  She went onto explain how my post had given her a better understanding of the phrase and that she was brought to tears by reading my post and listening to the song, I had posted at the end.  WOW!!!!!…is all I could say after reading her comment…well that and okay God I get it!!!  It really made me stop and think about how little things we do can make the biggest difference in someone’s life and especially their eternity.

            I’ll use a simple but well known verse toady from Matthew 25:21 from the NIV to illustrate my point,

“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!”

            What I have found, throughout my life, is that we seem to consume ourselves with the larger aspects of life….that big job, that next big paycheck, the next big relationship, our next new car.  I think you get my point…these are often the only things that seem to matter to us.  What we forget is that in between all those big things are small things that make the largest impact on our lives, as well as other lives. Take the verse from above and let me share some of what I take away from it.  First realize we all are going to have to settle our account with God.  I promise you He is not looking simply for faithful attendees to church. What He wants is for you to take whatever means you can to multiply your gift or your passion for the Kingdom of God.

            I have a desire to write; albeit I’m not the greatest writer, but I still have a passion and the tools to share God’s word via my blog. Don’t let the chaos of life stop you from enjoying life and using your gift to share the Gospel.  As I stated earlier, no matter how small a difference you think you are making in God’s Kingdom any difference and any seed you plant can make a tremendous difference.  I’ll close by posting a video at the end that I found while doing some poking around on the internet.  I hope you enjoy it and realize that no matter how small of an impact you think you are making in your efforts in sharing God’s Word it does make a difference.  Remember, it’s the little things that make all the difference; especially when we consider our eternities.

Take a moment and click on the video link below and see how the little things do make a difference.

Watch This Atheist Become a Believe

Be blessed and always be a blessing

Pastor Mike